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Facing divorce or another family law issue is tough. Does this sound like you? You're frustrated, angry or confused. You face the uncertain prospect of what the future holds for your relationship with your children. You wonder how this will affect you financially. You're concerned about the talk that will take place about you around the water cooler at work or among your circle of friends.

Add to these feelings the anger you may feel toward your spouse or the other parent. The bitterness that replaced the once unconditional love that existed. The feeling of betrayal that now stays with you from the time you wake up in the morning, until the time you go to bed at night. This confusion, anger and frustration can lead to poor decision-making during a time when every decision can have a huge impact on your future and the future of your relationship with your children. You are not alone if you have experienced these feelings or if you want to protect yourself from these experiences.

Dade County Family Lawyers with Experience You Can Count On

Our Dade County family lawyers understand that the end of a personal relationship can be the start of traumatic emotions, financial changes and the legal process. As a child who witnessed her parents' divorce, a litigant in her own prior divorce proceeding and a former family court judicial law clerk, our Managing Attorney, Lisa Marie Vari, knows the legal as well as the emotional and financial implications of a family law case. She has over 20 years of combined legal experience in Florida and Pennsylvania family law cases, her law firm has assisted more than 1500 family law clients, she has personally tried over 500 family law issues and she can give you the information, advice and guidance that will help you identify and achieve what is important to you and to reach solutions that will enable you and your family to move forward with your lives.

Along with Attorney Vari, Senior Associate Nydia Streets has been practicing family law in Miami, FL since her graduation from the University of Miami School of Law in 2008. She has handled hundreds of South Florida family law cases and has worked with and against some of the best and brighest Miami lawyers and judges both in the courtroom and in community organizations such as the Wilkie D. Ferguson Jr. Bar Association.

Think hiring an attorney is too expensive? Hiring the wrong attorney or law firm costs way more! Our office employs junior associates such as Miami-native and UM law grad, Laura Callava, paralegals and law school clerks to help our senior attorneys manage clients' cases at affordable rates.

Providing Our Miami Divorce Clients With Options

Traditionally, family law cases are resolved through negotiations and a settlement agreement or the parties proceed to trial on their disputed family law issues.  Some attorneys avoid trial at all costs; however, sometimes the costs may too great if you settle.  We believe that sometimes justice can only be served when the other side knows you will fight and not settle for a result that is not fair.  While we believe that many cases can be resolved fairly through negotiated settlement, our Miami family law attorneys are experienced trial lawyers and are willing to fight for our clients and their children when a proposed resolution is not in their best interests.

Our Florida family lawyers can also help our clients mediate their family law issues. Florida law requires most issues to be heard by a mediator prior to presenting a dispute to a Family Court Judge. Our attorneys help our clients by guiding them through the mediation process.

Another option for our clients is the family law collaborative process. Attorney Lisa Vari is a trained Family Law Collaborative Lawyer and can assist her clients in resolving their family law cases in a private and discrete manner that may include other collaboratively trained professionals to assist in a resolution that is in the best interests of the entire family while avoiding the emotional and financial burdens of litigation.

Comprehensive Legal Advice from our Lawyers for Divorce in Miami

Some Miami family law firms will not accept cases that involve child custody or other common family law issues or they refuse cases if there is the possibility that the case won't settle.  As stated above, our Miami Family Law Attorneys are experienced not only in settling cases, but also in litigating disputed family law cases.  Further, our Miami family law firm provides comprehensive legal advice for all Florida family law issues including: divorce,   equitable distribution of marital property and debts, spousal support and alimonyprenuptial agreements, paternity and child supportchild custody and timesharing issues, adoptions and  the legal rights of Miami's LGBT community including domestic partnership agreements.

If you would like to learn how our Miami family law firm may be different from other Dade County law offices, click here.

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